Jess Martin

Bringing web products to market.

Jess Martin

Office Hours for Startups

Helping you go from ideation to traction.


What should I expect?

We'll move fast. It's just 20 minutes. Pleasantries are for later. Let's focus on the problem you are facing.

We'll be honest. You'll tell me what's really going on and I'll tell you what I really think. Not much point in either of us holding back.

We'll have fun. Creatively talking through the whole problem you're having can be a lot of fun and quite energizing. We might even laugh.

What do I get out of it, you ask?

I enjoy meeting new people and talking with them about their ideas. I find myself in lots of conversations with people about their projects, their business, their personal goals, and various other sticky situations. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to help out, just a bit, by offering some thoughts from my own experience. Office Hours for Startups is a way for me to spend more time with more people. I hope it's helpful!